TOP 5 security podcast

TOP 5 IT security podcasts

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In this post, we gonna present our TOP 5 podcasts about IT security. So, let’s begin.

  1. Braking down security

Our first guest is braking down security. A website containing dozens of security issues podcasts, cybersecurity news, ..etc

  1. Down the security rabbithole

Directed by Rafal-los and James, this podcast provides a lot of interesting interviews with IT professionals, and news analysis on a weekly basis.

  1. The southern fried security podcast

After 9 years of publishing good content, the southern podcast’s team have put an end to their work. However, you can take a look on over 210 published very interesting content.

  1. Security current podcast

Probably, one of the richest podcast channel we have got in this list, the security current podcast have been created by veteran journalist and IT network security marketing executive Aimee Rhodes. Their main goal is to facilitate security researches. It also provides events, webinars and so one.

  1. SANS internet storm center

Of course, the SANS Institute is very well known in the security domain. The SANS internet storm centre is a branch of the SANS Institute which monitors the level of malicious activity on the Internet as described in Wikipedia.
The podcast channel contains a whole bunch of daily information security threat updates. It is certainly a podcast that must be in your list.

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